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A behind the scenes look at my video marketing tools in my office 

Hi Lovely,


I want to help you 'up your video marketing game' in 2019. So I've created the above 'behind the scenes' video outlining all my money making  marketing tools. 

I love using Video Content in my Marketing. And hands down, it brings the biggest conversions for my business. Especially in the form of more subscribers, followers, group members and clients. 


The value I can convey through video is incredible as my ideal clients really get to know, me, hear me, see my mannerisms and really be able to connect with me. 


So over the years I've tried and tested out many video marketing tools in my office and I want to share them with you.  So I've created the above video showcasing: 


  • My exact camera

  • Ring light

  • Phone 

  • Microphone which I use daily when creating my video courses, podcast episodes and Instagram stories. 

  • As well as my 2 min Abundant, fearless meditation that I do before I record each video. It really does put me in the position of confidence and energy to provide immense value to my community. 


So click above and see the my exact video tools, so you can start using the same or similar tools in your business.

AND DON'T FORGET TO BOOK YOUR FREE MARKETING BREAKTHROUGH CALL WITH ME. (button below) We will speak about your business and your ideal clients. As well as discuss how you can put a marketing implementation plan that's going to sell out your courses, programmes, services and more.

My clients are service based energy healers, business coaches, massage therapists, jewellery makers, event planner and more. And they are consistently making £5K+ months in their businesses. 


Cheers to you lovely, I know it's going it be an ABUNDANT new year for you. I can't wait to connect with you. 



Marketing Coach


Shopping links to all my
behind the scenes tools
2 MINUTE ABUNDANT MEDITATION - A fear busting, empowering guided meditation. Listen to it before you create any videos in your business. 
  • Do you want to feel amazing when you get on video to sell your passion filled services?
  • Do you want to remove limiting thoughts & connect to your own abundant source?
  • Do you want to attract all your soul mate clients and make lots of sales in your business?

If you answered yes, then I have a very special gift for you. It's my very own 2 min Abundant Meditation. 

In just 2 minutes of listening to this meditation, you're going to be able to connect to your own abundant source and call in exactly what you want in your business.

It's your lucky day, this is normally only reserved for my paying clients. We listen to it before we create and sell any of our products and services. It really does put us in a space of abundance and alignment. 

A strong mindset is vital in business especially when you're having scarcity thoughts and things aren't moving as fast as you want them to be, so listen to this meditation daily. 
It will make you feel way better and hey everyone wants to feel amazing in business, right?



I am a passionate Marketing Coach & Podcaster. I help Female business owners deploy tailored marketing tools & strategy to reach 5K+monthly sales. Helping them to Create, Launch, Sell effortlessly.


Marketing is ingrained in me and has had a huge impact on my career when I was an employee and my in my entrepreneurial journey. I have over a decade of marketing experience managing multi million pound International marketing campaigns from my Corporate working days. 


Since saying bye to the 9-5, I started a beautiful little family with my uber talented musician husband. I moved out of London into the idyllic countryside whilst creating 3 businesses. My first venture into business was my Wedding Planning business which took me to beautiful destinations planning events for my luxury clientele. I went on to create UK’s No1 Luxury Party Band featuring musicians to the stars, which I still manage with my Musician husband. And of course I kick ass daily, in my beloved Marketing Coaching business which empowers and impacts women all over the world. I am a Scottish Lass living in England.


Visibility is key in building your business. And an effective, consistent content marketing targeted at your ideal client, is crucial for you and your business to stand out in all the online noise.


So I want to learn more about you and your business. Let's have a virtual coffee chat to talk about proper clarity on your visibility goals, guidance on strategy so you can achieve your money goals. 

Book your free 30 min Breakthrough Marketing chat with me below:


DIGITAL SHOP: You can also Purchase Business Growth Digital Marketing Downloads in my Digital Shop:


MARKETING PODCAST: Access my ‘Marketing Pod’ Podcast Show for weekly business growth strategies and implementation guidance - on iTunes and Anchor and Stitcher and many more leading Podcast Platforms


60 MIN MARKETING STRATEGY SESSION: To put all the above tools in place in your business via a client attraction visibility plan: Book your 60 min Business Marketing strategy session 


INSTAGRAM: Go behind the scenes in my business and how I guide my clients on Instagram Stories:

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