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Welcome to the Sisterhood Accountability Club. A  productivity-focused, business growth, result-based, global support group.

If you're an impact-creating, goal-oriented women who is tired of putting her dreams on hold,

then this is for you.

Want to finally get around to growing a profitable business?

And actually start the 'DOING' instead of staying stuck, feeling the overwhelm, frustration and isolation that can keep us back when learning all the how to's?

Clare, Sustainable Fashion 

'The Sisterhood Business Accountability Club is definitely a solopreneurs Best Friend.

One of the best things I’ve ever done to move my business forward was to join. Nafisa has huge business knowledge and experience'

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I hear you loud and clear lovely


  • You are feeling stuck, demotivated & overwhelmed in your business?

  • You want to leave your day job, but you don't know what action to take next in your business?

  • You love your business and want others to love it too but don't know how to attract your ideal client

  • You want to connect & get support from likeminded women?

  • You would love a coach but can't commit to dropping a few thousand on them

I totally get it. As I've experienced all of the above. And that's why this Sisterhood Accountability Club was founded to support you in all of this.  

Katrina Ball, Mother Yourself, Bermuda

'Joining the Sisterhood Accountability Club is the best thing I've done for my business. In less than 2 weeks my motivation has soared. With the support of the sisterhood ladies, I’ve rewritten my website and sales page targeting my ideal client and already welcoming students.

Nafisa is truly a big sister. Her words of encouragement and her business expertise brings out a desire to learn, show up and be the best you can be!'

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Grow your business fearlessly knowing the sisterhood has your back

get ready for the transformations below:

  • Hit your money goal faster 

  • $5K, 10K, 20K + Months are yours 

  • Claim your expert status

  • Be super clear on who you are serving. (Nailed that niche)

  • Be the women who knows her worth

  • Be the woman who relentlessly goes after goals mastering your limiting beliefs 

  • Put automation strategies and tools in place so you can free your time to play with your kids more.

  • Master your confidence so you can go live on FB & Instagram and ask for the sale without getting nervous

  • Create programmes, courses and masterminds that sell with minimum effort because you're ideal clients are hungry for them

Meet Katrina Young from Mother Yourself, Bermuda as she shares her experience of being in the Sisterhood Accountability Club 
Normal price: £199 per month

Save over 70% (special offer)
JOIN NOW for only £59 per month
payment boxes

Annual Subscription

£590 per year 

(Get Two months FREE)

Monthly Subscription

£59 per month

No tie ins. Membership can be cancelled at anytime.  Pay by  Paypal or card 

Welcome gorgeous
I'm Nafisa Mark, the founder of the Sisterhood Accountability Club. 

Join me and other like-minded, ambitious businesswomen from all over the world in elevating our businesses and stepping into our own greatness.

We've left the Soloprenuer overwhelm and frustration behind. And have surrounded ourselves in a support network which is helping us to get clear on our mission and goals. A network which also gives us a powerful productivity system that actually helps us action what we want. 

Navigating the online space was incredibly difficult for me in the early days of my business. It was different from my offline corporate marketing career. And I found myself immersed in the frustrating tasks of mastering confusing trainings for all the online tools, webinars, funnels, email platforms to help me sell online.  I was pulling my hair out because I was wasting so much time on less important tasks, which I didn't know at the time. 

I was also a new mum and my time and finances were so tight. I felt alone and spent most days playing comparison with successful coaches online, trying to figure out how they were making money. 

It wasn't until I joined a supportive network similar to what I've created in our Sisterhood Accountability Club, is when my business went from making no money to making my first $5K + months. 

Through the Sisterhood Accountability Club, I've made it my mission to help and support women to create success in their business without overwhelm, frustration and loneliness. 

In the Sisterhood Accountability Club, you get access to Coaching, Business growth trainings and Accountability to help you reach your goals without having to invest thousands on a business coach. 

The productivity support itself in our club is allowing women to sell out their porgrammes, retreats and products within days of joining the Sisterhood.

Come on in, you'd be a perfect fit.           

 Nafisa xoxo

Tasmin Sabar, Mindset & Business Confidence Coach

'I've had such a great first month since joining the Sisterhood Accountability Club. With all sorts of exciting things happening in my business.  I filled spaces in my 1:1 program before I even officially opened doors and had a VIP Private Intensive in Florence.  Joining the Sisterhood has got me really focused and I love being part of a supportive and ambitious group'. 


Energetic connections build the best strategies in business.


You'll also get access to monthly business growth trainings with industry experts.


You come with your big scary goal and the sisterhood who are motivated, ambitious, loving women, just like you, will support you and each other in creating that life & business you so desire and are fully deserving of. 







Here is what you get access to in the club 

Private Messenger Support for networking with the other ladies. And where we outline our weekly Accountability actions.

Monthly Accountability Call - Jump on video chat with me and the other Sisterhood ladies to discuss our monthly training. 

You'll leave each call with knowledge, tools, support, resources. Allowing you to implement the solution you need, and keep track of your progress, until your big goal is achieved: Worth £500

Monthly Business Growth Trainings & Masterclasses within our secure Members area from Industry Experts. Access over 20 trainings straightaway:  Worth £10,000

Sisterhood Book Club - Personal Development is key in business, so ladies and I share our favourite business and mindset books to help each other move forward. 

Goal Trackers, Cheat Sheets and Workbooks to keep you productive and on top of your daily, weekly, monthly actions: Worth £300

Challenges to push you out of your comfort zone. They come with Prizes 

Fitness Accountability - Empowering your body alongside your mind is essential for achieving goals. 

Meet ups & retreats  

Over £10,000 worth of business trainings to access as soon as you join.  

masterclass business growth trainings
Below is an example of the detailed training you can expect to see in our Members area. There is a new Training every month.
I have personally put these trainings in place in my business.


Normal price: £199 per month

Special Offer  - Save over 70%

JOIN NOW for only £59

Learn why I'm so passionate about bringing this Transformative supportive platform to a fellow like minded woman who wants to grow her business. And change her life for the better, just like I did.


  (Watch the video below). 

FACT: Business owners who have accountability in their business achieve more and faster than those working alone
Siamaa, Online Jeweller 

'With Nafisa's help, the sales funnel I created for my new line has given me a 30% sales increase via Instagram'

Meet Zaida Boltman. 
'I learn't more from Nafisa on this accountability call than I have in the last 2 and half years trying to get my website up and running' 
Zaida Boltman'
The online marketing world is new to Zaida and she has stayed away due to fear and overwhelm around the technical learning curve with having an online business.
But since joining the Sisterhood she's making fearless moves and not only has she created a website but created her first opt in and Funnel in just a few short weeks.

She's doing live videos daily and working on a course which the sisterhood are fully supporting her on and holding her accountable. 
Who is the accountability club for:
iT'S FOR the Woman:
  • Who is ready to finally hit her goals fearlessly

  • Who is ready to be accountable and hold a fellow business woman accountable

  • Who is ready to push past fear and empower herself and others

  • Who is feeling lonely, fearful and overwhelmed and doesn't know where to start in her business to reach her goals

  • Who wants clarity on strategy and actions for her business without having to spend thousands on a business coach 

  • Who wants to network with likeminded woman 

who's in it?
  • Business coaches

  • Healers

  • Online Jewellery businesses

  • Energy Healers

  • Artists

  • Instagram Coaches

  • Event Managers

  • Wedding Planners

  • Designers

  • Stylists

  • The woman who makes excuses and blames others for why she hasn't hit her business goals

  • The woman who is unable to support another's success

  • The woman who isn't ready to be accountable for her actions

  • The women who isn't ready to elevate

Meet Tasneem Moosa. She is an Artist in Australia.
The worlds best kept secret artist. Well not anymore. 
Since joining the Sisterhood, this super talented woman has gone from having debilitating fear to pushing her own mindset boundaries and making massive moves.
She's approaching galleries to showcase her work and making money from selling her own line of art products. 
Behind the Scenes
Behind the scenes
Meet Margaret MacGillivray 
CRAZY, I KNOW Considering I've personally invested over $30K in coaching to up-level my skill and knowledge.

But I also know that there are business owners who just don't have that amount of money at their stage of business and yet they are eager to learn, create and strategise so they can fast track their success. 

So instead of paying thousands to our Sisterhood Club, I’ve kept the investment very low. (For as little as a price of a daily cup of coffee). 

I completely understand that every woman can't afford to spend thousands on attending mastermind and secure coaching. But I also believe if a woman is committed to her business growth and to create the first-class life she wants for her and her family, she will be able to invest at least $2 a day.

It's also the cheapest way to work with me.


So instead of investing thousands and thousands for weekly accountability, masterclasses, trackers, meetups, Q&A's and ongoing coaching support via a private Facebook Group, you have them for less than a price of a daily cup of coffee.

Meet Margaret. She is an online Celtic Jewellery business owner from Scotland. 
In her second week of joining the Accountability Club, she knocked it out of the park and sold a $1300 bracelet from her website. 

'For so long I have struggled to be seen in business. I haven’t had the confidence to really take the leap and completely put myself out into my business fully. Nafisa has been instrumental in keeping me accountable on my journey into become the the full essence of my business. Being a part of the Sisterhood Business Accountability Club has given me the opportunity to voice out my concerns, my highs & my lows. I know that I’m supported and empowered in the sisterhood and I urge every soulpreneur to join us in the sisterhood business accountability club. It’s been the best gift to myself'

Zaida Boltman, Intuitive Energy Coach  

'Nafisa's strategic and practical guidance has been integral to my business growth. I just made £5K in sales for my latest Event' 

Lubna, Event Planner  

Normal price: £199 per month

But grab Special offer

JOIN NOW for only £59

payment 2

Annual Subscription

£590 per year 

(Get Two months FREE)

Monthly Subscription

£59 per month

No tie ins. Membership can be cancelled at any time.  Pay by Paypal or card 

The Sisterhood Club Accountability comes from a genuine heart centred space to support you.  

It's time to show up for your business and create a positive transformation in your life and business. 

We are all a mirror for each other and we will support you through your growth. 

Nafisa xoxo

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