Top 5 Content ideas to post on Social Media today

It's a question that baffles a lot of online entrepreneurs, especially if they haven't got their content strategy (as part of their overall business goals) mapped out.

Don't fear if that you, because I'm here to ensure you focus on the 2 fundamental points of what to be posting daily.

No1 being focused on exact content your audience will connect with and number 2, the exact content that solves their pain point.

Given our online attention spans are so small and we're constantly seeking out a solution to make our lives easier, why not then give your audience what they want, right?

And if you position your coaching programmes or products correctly within your content, you may even make a sale.

So ensure your content is:

  • Relevant

  • Relatable and you are making a

  • Genuine connection with your ideal target audience and relating the content back to your business.

In our Sisterhood Accountability club, the ladies and I ensure we don't just post to post but we post with purpose and intention. That intention being to connect with our community, to gain leads and drive traffic to our business.

We also have a detailed content strategy guide with a list of 100 things to post on Social media list, which you can access right away in our Members area.


1. Share a post about your story highlighting one specific pain point which your ideal client can relate with. And pitch your product as a solution for that at the end of the post.

2. Ask questions to engage your audience.

3. Remind people why you got started in your business, (your reason, your why). This is crucial for connection. Content can get lost in a sea of posts, so ensure you remind people at least weekly.

4. Share testimonials from your customers and direct people to your sales pages.

5. And lastly and so important give away a freebie or a resource your audience wants and gain their email address in return for it. This exercise will not only grow your email list but provide you with an opportunity to then build the relationship with your prospect via your newsletter.

A full (100) list of content ideas to post on social media can be accessed via the Sisterhood Accountability Club.

You'll never run out of ideas on what to post on social media. Moreover you'll be supported and held accountable on your content. Ensuring your content supports your money goal too.

'Nafisa's content strategy and ideas helped me sell a $1300 necklace from my website in the 1st week of joining the Sisterhood Accountability Club' (M, Online Jewellery Owner)

Could you do with some help or guidance with your content strategy?

or what topics do you struggle with?

I'm happy to help. Just message me on Facebook or Instagram and we can have a chat @nafisa_mark






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