How to write a High Converting Sales Page

🔥WARNING🔥 You’re about to discover a Sales Page template tool that helped me get unstuck and allowed me to overcome my fear of writing my own sales pages. It even gave me a $10K programme launch. Since then, It’s helped multiple clients to fill their own programmes and courses too. So no more excuses on getting your Sales Page written. You’ve done the hard work in getting your product ready, so it’s time to make sales this holiday season.

Let me ask you something. How would it feel if you could also confidently write the perfect words for your sales page without procrastination and overwhelm? And complete it in less than a couple of hours? It would feel fabulous right?

Well, here it is. My tried and tested: 🙌 High Converting Sales Page Template

Oh, and the best part? You won’t need to hire⁣ 🛑A Copywriter

The key to a 'High Converting Sales' page is one which connects with your audience and I'm about to unveil how you do this: With 'How to write a High Converting Sales Page'

However I will give you a little insight now. But I do delve deeper in the Sales Page template which you can access below:

So you've perfected your course or programme or perhaps you haven't and you go straight to creating the sales page for it. Either way you want to drum up sales.

You open your laptop and you realise that writing the sales page isn't as easy as it may first seem.

I totally get this. I sat at my computer for months riddled with procrastination and fear over writing my sales page. I never thought I would get over it.

With a lot of learning and knowledge gathering I learnt that there are so many factors to consider when writing the sales page. It's not just a page where you put a description and buy now button. It’s not just about pretty graphics and colours.

But a page where you provide such compelling offers whilst making the biggest connection with your audience, leaving them with only one option - A big yes to buying what you're selling.

And whilst coaching many clients, this is what I’ve found the biggest stumbling point when it comes to folks writing their own sales pages.

So how does one get over this?

You see writing copy for a sales page requires an understanding of persuasion and storytelling. Whilst you are persuading people to buy what you are selling, you also need to display that you've been exactly where the reader maybe in their life right now.

By using strong descriptive language and storytelling psychology you want to focus more on the transformation your product or course offers to your audiences pain points rather than list out lots of features and benefits of what you are selling.

For example if you are selling a course in ‘How to be camera confident’ Your words on your page need to relate to the exact pain point your customer maybe experiencing right now in their lives. I am pretty sure they want to get over their fears of being in front of the camera. Perhaps it's a goal they've set themselves. And maybe they have low esteem.

So bring your story into it, relate to them in all these pain points that they are riddled with and share your journey of coming through to the other side.

And then you must navigate the rest of your sales page with this in mind.

In my opinion and experience, I know that If you can nail this then you've got a sale.

I know when I started making these fundamental connections on my sales pages I started seeing big sales conversions.

In my High Converting Sales Template, workbook and Sales Page prompts, I take you through step by step on how to make the biggest impactful connection with your audience.

As well as all the other crucial points that must be displayed and what content and buttons should go ‘where and why’ on a sales page for sales page success.

In 'How to write a High Converting Sales Page':

You get a:

⚡️ Template & Workbook - It’s Jam-packed. Know exactly what to say and where to say it. (will become your go-to sales page bible). Inclusive of a 1-page handy guide to launch future offers in half the time. ⚡️Sales Page Writing Prompts & Questions - Avoid writing blocks and have the perfect words that connect with customers, creating more sales even faster. ⚡️Video Workshop - I personally walk you through the crucial points of the template including breakthrough psychological principles behind a high converting sales page.

⚡️AND Exclusive access into my High Vibe Sisterhood Accountability Club - For further support and accountability & ask me anything about your sales page. Get it the High Converting Sales Page template and workbook and start selling today Buy here >> Retails for $299. Special Holiday offer: Only: $39. ⁣’$39 is crazy for all this value: Saved me stress and time. I went on to launch my event and made £5K in tickets sales in one day ’ - Lubna, Event Planner

Nafisa xoxo

Once you complete your sales page template purchase. Take a pic of it and tag me on Instagram Stories and I'll give you a shout out.

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