How to set Intentions so they actually work

Perhaps you want to set an intention to have a great day ahead?

Or perhaps you want to set an intention to get a new client today or hit a money goal? Or you just want to manifest that your boss is kinder to you today?

Whatever your intentions are, I know for a fact that the more powerful and specific they are, then they can actually change the mins and hours of your day in your favour. I know as I have proven it many times over. Not just in my business but with my family and personal goals.

Have you ever wondered why things never go to plan when you get out of bed in the morning feeling tired, angry, unmotivated? And before you know it, your day unfolds itself into one negative activity after another? Moreover, it's after lunchtime and you're still in your PJ's or your hair is still in a messy bun and of course, you're not wearing any makeup?

Well, this is called the law of attraction - what you think and what you believe is the outcome. You may not want to believe it but energy counts for a lot. We are all made of energy and what you put out comes back to you magnified.

Whereas if you wake up with intention and purpose focused on your goals. And start taking 100% action for those goals, things start to go your way and you start attracting the right people and situations right?

This is the power of intention setting. I'm about to share with you my exact magical formula of how I set intentions that actually work. And how you can implement the same strategy and actions.

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I'd be lying if I said that 'things always go in my favour. As a busy mum, wife and businesswoman, my day is full of looking after others ensuring it all get's done. This can create chaos and confusion and if I don't manage my mindset and do daily mindset exercises, I am good for nothing.

In this state, all I end up doing is running after my kids most of a day in a messy bun and in my PJ's. As a result, no productivity happens in my business and I also feel unaccomplished.

But here's how I change that around and you can too.

  1. Focus on a powerful positive thought. So instead of saying to yourself every day I will lose 2 stones in weight. Be more focused on the changes needed for that goal to happen. So say I won't eat potato chips today or biscuits. Or if you want to try to get up at 5am, set an intention to read a book in bed by 10 pm. Small actions become habits. And over time bigger knock-on changes start to happen. Or if you want to sell more spots on your course. Rather than getting obsessed on the number of spaces not sold, focus on how many people you will speak to today to talk about your course.

  2. Set the intention or intentions the night before. You wake up more empowered if you do. Go one step further and write our your exact action list (make it manageable) after you've set the intention. So you hit the ground running when you wake up.

  3. When you wake up re-read or re-write your intentions and focus on your action list.

For me, my intention setting starts weekly. I ask myself on a Sunday night - what do I want to accomplish this week, what are my goals this week? I ask questions for 3 different categories for my life - Energy, Mindset and Business, the areas I want to improve. I ask 'How do I want to feel? I write out all the associated feelings of desire and then I choose a word or a sentence and stick to that as my intention for the week in each category.

For example, it could be 'Inflow' for business or 'strong' for mindset and 'energised' for my energy levels.

It also helps to reinforce my intentions if I re-write them out every day. I also go and tell my Sisterhood Accountability Club ladies too. I know their support and accountability will also assist me in focusing on my intentions.

4. After you complete your day, check in with your intentions. Were you in flow, did you create the feelings of desire? Give yourself feedback and change your intention accordingly.

5. Relax and enjoy this powerful process of self-reflection. Allow yourself to go through the steps of change without being self-critical. Above all, you're making small but mighty steps towards success.

Full Intention Setting Training and interviews with clients in the Sisterhood Accountability Club.

What intention will you set today?

Comment below and come on over to my Discomfort Smashers community on Facebook. It's full of women facing their fears and pushing their discomforts daily.

Love and light



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