How to Plan your week in less than 15 mins - My Insider Weekly productivity Hack

So firstly let me tell you that I’m much more of a sane Mum, Business Coach and wife for doing this Sunday planning exercise.

Trust me when I say that planning ahead will ease the frustration of lockdown, homeschooling and trying to work from home. Juggling all those busy balls require planning and I'm letting you in on my productivity planning hack.

This exercise works for me and my Sisterhood Accountability Club ladies and it will do for you too.

So take out just 10 - 15 mins of your Sunday and let's plan your week ahead.

You’ll not only feel better for it but you’ll skip forward to the week with much-needed clarity.

Firstly put on some chilled music and sit your bum down on a comfy cosy space and take 3 deep breaths with me.

This your time to chill and allow your mind to get super creative on your plans for your week ahead.


1. Get the thousands of thoughts running around in your head on to paper. Trust me if you're brain runs at over 100 miles an hour like mine, there will be lots.

Journal in your writing pad or on a piece of paper, it doesn't matter. Just try to get any feelings of frustration, anxiety and happiness that you may be feeling.

And then journal on what you can do to make you feel better about those frustrations in particular and how you can invite more happy feelings into your week ahead.

The feelings might be associated with anything that didn't go well or did go well this week, focusing on your business, homeschooling or anything you did in regards to your hobbies at home.

2. Write the date of the new week ahead at the top of a fresh piece of paper - for example, Monday 4th May 2020.

3. Then set an intention for the whole week - Think about how you want to feel in the week ahead, accomplished, relaxed, focused, creative and or inflow. It's entirely up to you.

Write this intention down.

4. Now we move on to what needs to get done in the week ahead. Let's talk about a specific action or actions.

Get all your actions out on paper. categorise them into columns for home, business, kids, fitness, meal planning etc.

I have such a busy schedule with my kids, 1:1 calls with my clients coupled with daily business marketing, cooking and homeschooling. So it really does help me greatly if I list out everything that needs to be done daily under each column. I actually feel less cluttered in my brain once I do this.

  • Now get a highlighter pen out and prioritise all the actions

  • Then get your diary out or your google calendar on your phone or laptop and start scheduling those actions out. In my experience, those things that get scheduled get done.

Remember don’t overwhelm yourself. So now you’re ready to hit the ground running come Monday morning.

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Do you plan your week ahead on a Sunday?

Do you have a productivity hack?

Let me know below and click share below to send this post to your business besties.



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