How to get more done in your business (even from home)

Working from home isn't easy at the best of times. I'm sure you can relate after the morning school run there's a million things that need to be done in the house asides from the very important money-making activities in our businesses, right? And before you can sit back on your sofa with a cuppa, it's time to pick up the kids from school.

One thing I've learned about maximising my productivity for both life and business is that I shouldn't give myself a hard time if one or two tasks fall by the wayside. Or if I haven't sent my newsletter out to my community on a specific day, then it's not the end of the world. As long as I'm doing at 2 or 3 money-making activities a day and the family are clean and fed, then, job done in my opinion!

I used to stress over not being able to do it all and this only amounted to insomnia and anxiety. I used to worry so much about wanting to check everything off my list. I ended up doing nothing because I was too busy worrying about my long to-do list.

Right now I'm about to launch my 1:1 programme. Some of my friends think I'm crazy to do this with homeschooling my kids whilst on COVID-19 lockdown. But thanks to a lot of learning, mindset training and reading a ton of productivity books, I've mastered doing all money-making activities in less than 2 hours a day!!.

Here's how you can do the same too. Moreover, have time to spare to play with the kids and ensure your house looks sparkly and shiny!

Key Business Productivity hacks to boost your impact in business.

Taken from my detailed productivity guide -'How to get things done in Business'

1. First thing I do every morning is boost my morale by reminding myself of my 'why' for being in business. As soon as I wake I look at my vision board which has a large picture of my kids and husband. A direct reminder of why I work so hard.

2. I open my Asana (an online project management app) and view the exact tasks that I need to do for the day. I keep my action list to a maximum of 3 items. I plan these the night before and Asana allocate them in project (priority) order so to avoid confusion and overwhelm.

3. I then implement Accountability. I pop into my Sisterhood Accountability club and notify them of what I am working on for that day and they keep me accountable.

This gives me focus to complete my tasks.

4. I switch off my devices and set a timer for 20 min intervals. So I stay focused and there are no distractions. I set 20 mins for every task and then come back for another 20 minutes to review each action.

As much as I'd like to spend more than 2 hours on my business, it's just not possible at the moment. Being a boss mum and running a household takes priority too. But thanks to my strategic productivity habits, I can still earn a fabulous revenue by the focused 2 hours I put in daily into my business.

To see the full 15 + productivity hacks that are serving me and the Sisterhood Accountability Club ladies well, click here

We'd love to support you on your business journey. Provide you with the business support and much needed likeminded Sisterhood and Accountability. Join here

Here's to you being the boss of your day. You got this and we've got you.

What’s your biggest frustration or distraction when working from home?

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