CBD Oil: The 5 best CBD oil brands in the U.K. (2020)

I'm probably the last one to try CBD oil products here in the UK. As I know they have been super popular here in England and around the world.

More and more people are wanting to try more natural organic healing methods. Every time I go to Holland & Barrat - a leading health store here in the UK, they seem to be sold out of CBD products.

But I've never really been the type of person to jump on the bandwagon or go with what the latest fad is. I'd much prefer to take my time and research and jump on when I am good and ready. Well, it's that time. Well, it was last month. I'm here to share my findings.

I did the research and quite frankly I was sick and tired of my sciatica pain. As many of you who know me, I like to keep fit and run a few times a week, and the physical fitness exasperates my sciatica even more, which then sets me back on my fitness goals and I ended up being laid up on my sofa doing hot and cold treatments on my lower back!

So I purchased a couple of CBD oil brands last month and I want to share my results below.

After taking a couple of drops on my tongue in the morning, I went about my day with more focus, I was calm and pain-free. The result wasn't instant for me but by the afternoon I noticed that I didn't feel my usual anxiety that normally creeps in around 2 pm. Which is normally when I'm trying to finish all my work in time so I can get the house in order and make family dinner and then run out and pick up the kids from school.

I felt calmer and relaxed and even my kids also I also noticed that I was happier and more chilled. And engaging more with them. But the biggest relief I saw with my sciatica pain. I felt I could stretch my lower back and legs more. I felt more supple and best news was that I didn't have any pains after my outdoor runs.

I may have jumped on the CBD wagon now and as always I share the best and what's worked for me personally.

I'm gonna save you all the hard work and research that I did to find the right CBD Oil.

By linking this article that showcases some of the best CBD Oil brands right here in the UK.

I wasn't aware that the UK has limited Cannabis regulations, so there are lots of low-quality or imitator CBD products in the market. This article will help you see through the fakes.




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