How to grow your email list to a 3000 + Community and Fast

Do you struggle to grow your email list?

Or perhaps you just wish your ideal clients would fall in love with your opt in (freebie product) which you have spent day and night to create, and in return would give you their email addresses asap.

That was me. I would spend days perfecting the right opt in and then when I finally came to release it, I would hear crickets instead of email notifications of new subscribers.

If you can relate to this, don't fear as I am about to share my tried and tested email growth strategy in this post.

When I first started in Entrepreneurship my Business Coach would always say that the 'money is in your list'. I never quite believed her at first but once I focused on growing my blog readership and my online community, I actually found it easier to sell to my list, than I did to those who may or may not have seen my sales posts on my social media channels.

So after making numerous mistakes and wins on my journey to grow my own list. I started at zero, like everyone else does and now I've grown my list to 3000 +.

So I've learnt a thing or two on how to attract and nurture my email list. And this expertise continues to help me make consistent sales on my Courses, 1:1 coaching packages and Sisterhood Accountability Membership.

So today I am delighted to give you some short cuts, saving you time and effort so you can go ahead and concentrate on growing your own email list. These are the exact steps I take when I grow my own list.

Just imagine sending out emails to your ideal, (perfect) clients and them responding to you by purchasing your products and services. Wouldn't that be awesome?

Moreover if Facebook and Instagram were ever to go down, at least you would have actual emails of your contacts to send your news alerts too. And not wonder whether your followers actually saw your emails as we're all at the mercy of the social media algorithms.

So 1st things first: Here are the actionable steps to take to grow your email list.

1. Add a sign up button to your Facebook Page

2. Add an opt in link to your 'About me' page. It's the 2nd most visited page on a website.

3. Create content upgrades on your site. Such as blogs (gated content)

4. Promote your webinar/training and request your ideal clients emails so you can send them the training link.

5. Host a giveaway on Instagram or Facebook and paste the Opt in link in your bio and caption.

6. Install an exit pop up on your website. Entice and prompt your guests to leave their emails before exiting.

If you need a little helping hand or even accountability to grow your own email list for sales, then don't hesitate to get in touch.

I actually have a full training on this and can take you behind the scenes of my business and show you exactly what tech set up I use, which email campaign system I use and what packages I use to create opt ins.

Feel free to grab my full simple email list growth training in the transformative Sisterhood Accountability Club.

Doors are open to the club for a limited time only. Moreover you can also receive $100 off the price for life.

Did you find the above email list growth actions useful?

What challenges do you encounter with email list growth? Tell me below and I'll come back and answer your questions.

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