How to make a Money Altar

A money Altar supercharged my morning routine as a busy a Mumpreneur

Here's how..

Are you looking for a little more spiritual connection?

Perhaps your looking for a way to create and attract more positive and abundant energy in your life?

If so, then this blog post is for you. Keep reading...

I’m writing this blog whilst quarantined for almost 4 weeks due to Covid-19. Like, many other people all over the world, I’m staying at home with my husband and 2 kids, protecting our lives and others.

It’s a confusing time for all and whilst the world feels apocalyptic right now, I’m trying to remain positive and upbeat given our daily challenges at home.

Challenges such as homeschooling, (kids would rather play, than do school work), finding the time to run an online business, cooking, cleaning and more. And being restricted to only our little space outside our home for some physical activity.

And on top of that, I’ve felt the need to do every baking and art activity with the kids that I’ve really run myself ragged. I've really felt a little I've lost a little connection to myself especially with my spiritual/religious side.

I’ve never been one to be very religious even though I was brought up Muslim and my husband brought up as a Catholic. Given our mixed faiths, we decided that the spiritual path was for us and our daughters. So have been raising our kids fully aware of all religions but stressing the importance of ones own spirituality and connection with God.

So with such a huge pandemic impacting our earth and affecting so many people negatively in terms of loss of lives, jobs and money, I started getting sucked into this negative thinking and it scared me. I normally have such a positive outlook.

So whilst I do have a positive morning routine like so many entrepreneurs which consists of waking up early, drinking water, moving my body, journalling etc. I normally stick to this daily but I have recently felt the pull to create my own spiritual space.

Space where I can actually connect to my spiritually, a place where I can talk to my angels, give thanks, space where I can meditate, space where I can allow my mind to think more creatively and abundantly.

So I decided to create a spiritual, money Altar.

And it has done the world of good. Not only to me but my little family. My kids love it too, so much so that they kneel down at the altar and pray and share their thoughts and wishes to their angels.

I love that they can share this spiritual space with me. A space where they go to share their feelings on the pandemic and any frustrations they are having too.

I’m so conscious of their mental state at the moment, as they are away from school and their friends, their normal daily routine and they don’t fully understand what’s going on with the Corona Virus.

If you’re not sure what a spiritual/ money altar is then, allow me to explain.

A spiritual altar is normally a place of focus for spiritual awakening and inner guidance. It's where you can share your thoughts, deeper emotions, intentions, express gratitude, meditate, focus reflect, and call on your spirit guides or angels for guidance.

You can also add money to your altar and call it your money altar too, as it can also be a powerful tool to help begin to shift your mindset with money.

You can fill your Altar with beautiful, abundant items that bring you joy, and it can also improve your relationship with money as you remind yourself of the things that bring you joy and gratitude.

Traditionally the altar is a sacred space or place that is used for rituals. Mainly used in religious ceremonies in churches. And associated with making offerings to God. Nowadays Altars can also be found in many places including homes, or even in gardens.

Since I created this sacred space for myself at home. I feel like I’m honouring myself more, the way I should be doing daily, It has had a positive effect on my energy and my daily actions.

My daily morning routine now starts at my Alter, that’s where I journal, reflect and re-affirm my desires, wants and wishes and map out my money making actions for the day. I also have less battles with my kids over homework and feel more at peace and less anxious with all that's going on in the world.

Why not shift your own mindset with money, scarcity thoughts and manifest abundance by creating a sacred space in the form of a money altar.

Here is a picture of my Spiritual/Money Altar.

And here’s how you can create one too.

Watch full video of where I sourced all the items that feature in my Alter in my Sacred member’s area - Sisterhood Accountability Club. (A transformative space where I support and provide much needed business accountability to my clients)

As well as why I choose all the items.

For example. Energy attracts like energy so I always have money on my Altar.

Other items on my Altar are soulful, practical or ones that clear energy.

All the items play a distinct role in creating and attracting more abundance and joy my life.

I've just ordered a Goddess Fortuna statue for my Altar too. (She was the Roman goddess of luck).

Try to create an altar for yourself today. It’s not just a thing of mystery ‘woo woo’ or supernatural but a sacred journey for your soul.

An altar will allow you to create a real spiritual connection with yourself and give you the guidance and self-belief to embark on or attract anything you desire.

What items would you put on your Altar? Tell me below?

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