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Firstly I want to give you all a big virtual hug. It's a scary time indeed and so be safe given what's happening as a result of the Corona Virus crisis. Things just got even scarier and impacting closer to home as a couple of my friends have been laid off from their corporate jobs due to the economic crash caused by the coronavirus. I'm so sad for them.⠀I know they will get work but it motivated me to step up and do more of what I'm good at.

I am so grateful for my online business and the fact that I have built a platform that pays me regardless of wherever I am in the world and not just from the confines of a corporate desk. So I want to ensure I amp up the support for my own community of like-minded ambitious women.⠀ The go-getters who want to survive this economic crisis and get up fight for their wants and wishes rather than literally hibernate and play the ‘wait and see’ game.⠀ This is the time where we can't hide our online businesses or the passions we want to monetise online. We must step up and:⠀ 👉🏼Share our work⠀ 👉🏼Sell our work⠀ 👉🏼Be of value⠀ 👉🏼Be of service to our clients and community⠀ 👉🏼Buy from others⠀ 👉🏼Share the abundance⠀ 💪For this week only, I'm doing FREE co-working/consultancy hours over a Zoom online call in my Sisterhood Accountability Club. I want to support you in completing certain projects to help you get more eyes on your business and more sales.⠀ We'll co-work together And I'll give you advice on any strategy and action in your business.

We'll then keep sharing our positive message through our business and finish any content creation or marketing we require to do as well.⠀ I've got a list as long as my arm in terms of creating content for new courses and podcast episodes to schedule. I am sure you have a long list too.⠀

➡️So firstly Join the Sisterhood here ($100 discount available right now for the 7 days only)

You are free to cancel at any time. But I know you won't want to as you'll get access to much needed accountability daily as well as:

  • Weekly Accountability & Q&A Call - Talk to me direct and get your business questions answered.You'll leave each weekly call with knowledge, tools, support, resources. Allowing you to implement the solution you need, and keep track of you progress, until your big goal is achieved.

  • Business Growth Trainings & Masterclasses from Industry Experts

  • Sisterhood Book Club - A Private Facebook Group for global networking and further support from me and the ladies

  • Goal Trackers, Cheat Sheets and Workbooks

  • Challenges with Prizes Fitness Accountability - Empowering your body alongside your mind is essential for achieving goals.

  • Meet ups & retreats masterclasses and more.

'I've had such a great first month since joining the Sisterhood Accountability Club. With all sorts of exciting things happening in my business.

I filled spaces in my 1:1 program before I even officially opened doors and had a VIP Private Intensive in Florence. Joining the Sisterhood has got me really focused and I love being part of a supportive and ambitious group'.

Tasmin Sabar, Mindset & Business Confidence Coach

Once I've received your Sisterhood Membership notification, you can:

➡️ then book your co-working session here:⠀

These co-working consultancy hours are a massive a bonus for the sisterhood. They are mostly only reserved for my high paying 1:1 clients.

So don't miss out.

What’s the one thing or project you’d like to accomplish on our co-working hour together.

Tell me below?

Nafisa x

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