How to be Confident on Camera

Here are a few of my personal Camera Confidence tips

1. Prep your content a head of time. The more prepared you are about communicating your content, and the action you want your audience to take at the end of your video, the more comfortable you'll feel about delivering it.

For example, if you're wanting to increase your mailing list, then you most probably want them to go to a specific landing page so your ideal customers can pop in their email addresses. Or your call to action could be for a comment on your post or purchase your course by clicking a link you've shared.

2. Grasping the right mindset for incorporating video into your marketing is crucial. Especially when video posts are converting at a much higher rate than written posts, it's imperative to connect with your ideal clients via video.

The nerves can disappear when you realise that the video is less about you but more about the audience you are serving.

I know first hand that video communications can be scary as we all have fear around judgement, others peoples opinions. But let me tell you one key thing which I've realised over the many years that I've been creating video content; is that your ideal clients want more than anything to connect with you before they buy from you, so do give them this opportunity to get to know you via video.

I have a full module on developing a strong mindset for video marketing via my Camera Confidence course. I share specific exercises and prompts to incorporate for strengthening your mindset and for overcoming the fear of your friends, family and co workers seeing your videos, including my 2 min abundant guided meditation which I listen to before recording videos. It completely relaxes me and allows me to focus on the task in hand, instead of my nerves.

My worry of being on camera was always about the fear of of friends, family, or coworkers seeing my video content.

3. Learning the tools of the trade as well as delivering a content strategy that converts

Utilising Social Media for delivering your video messages is such an easy and effective way of doing so. But so many people don't have a clue how to use these free platforms such as FB Lives, Instagram stories, YouTube etc.

But taking some time out to learn these tools, can be a game changer for your confidence and business productivity.

In my Camera Confidence course I guide you in exactly how to create FB/Insta lives as well how to upload videos to your IGTV and more. Moreover share the exact kit and microphone, and tools that I use to create videos.

I also share with you a 5 day content video marketing challenge, where you are guided in sharing a daily video about you and your business. Don't worry, I tell you exactly what to say and what to share. It's also completely focused to the needs of your ideal client.

More detailed guidance in my brand new course - Camera Confidence. Check it out here

Secure your space on the Camera Confidence course now, before doors close.

What's holding you back from creating your first or subsequent video? Tell me below, I can help you.


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