10 Social Media Content Marketing ideas for Sales

Do you get stuck in your social media content creation for your business?

Whether it’s finding the time to create content, or just figuring out what to post on social media on a day to day today basis?

I know from experience that it can be so easy to just throw in the towel. I've done this before.

But thankfully I realised what was causing my frustration.

I learnt that my overwhelm stemmed from not having clarity on what my community wanted to hear from me. And also not addressing my fear of actually delivering the content as well.

I hid from my social platforms because I didn't want to create video content or even posts because it felt difficult and didn't want to face my fears on this.

But with training and by actually asking my community what they wanted to hear from me, was when I started addressing my ideal clients pain points and their own business struggles through my content, I knew then I was on to a winner.

And the more that I shared posts and videos about solutions to their pain points, the more engagement I received on my posts. I also started to get comfortable with showing up on social media too. And I finally got over my nerves.

I've realised that shifting ones mindset in business is powerful. I also learnt that the content that I was stressing over wasn't about me but about my audience. Moreover the importance of actually delivering it to them.

For example the most valuable thing for my perfect client is Accountability & support, so I started addressing this aspect in my content and shared how receiving personal accountability and support allowed me to create success in my business.

My coaching already involves a lot of support and accountability and this is something I'm so passionate about and love to do and speak on as I know how transformative it can be for women in business.

I love providing business support so much so via my 1:1 Coaching, that I even created a stand alone Membership focused on Accountability and Support. So within my content I started to position my Sisterhood Accountability Club as the go to solution for my clients specific pain point and before I knew it, I was selling spots on my Membership. My posts and videos started to receive more engagement and I even had people direct message me about working with me 1:1.

I know that you have so much value to deliver to your ideal clients and they are in desperate need of you to solve their pain points.

So here are a few essential and super converting 'Social Media Content Marketing ideas for Sales' to share your expertise as well as your offers for your courses, programmes and products in your online Business.

You don't need to share all of them. You can also rotate them over the course of the month too, depending on your posting schedule.

1. Q&A's

This is an effective way to instigate engagement with your community and promote your expertise


Generate interviews with other experts that have a similar audience to you. Share your own trainings on other coaches podcasts as well.


Post relevant industry articles regularly across your social media and via email. It communicates your knowledge and industry expertise and pin points you as the 'go to' for solving a specific problem.


Take your audience with you on your own business journey. Share your goals. Allow your ideal clients to connect with you and get to know you more as an individual. Inspire them.


Following on from sharing your goals, it's so important to communicate your story to your community - (your why for doing what you do). I can't stress how important this is. I have a full training on this if you struggle with sharing your story.


A video or pictures speaks volumes. So share what you're up to in business and what pain points you solve for your ideal client.s


Where you can ensure you are sharing regular customer testimonials. People love to read success stories and it help to communicate your 'know, like and trust' factor in business.


In the form of live video trainings or through a webinar or even a written post on Facebook will increase your expert status with your ideal clients


Find out what your community wants. Poll your audience on future course or content creation. Find out if they actually want it in the first place, before you start putting in all the work in creating it.


Challenges are a great way of delivering your value. You can create a 5 or 7 day challenge in your group on a specific topic or pain point your client wants solving.

Do you want a helping hand to actually put the above Social Media content ideas in place. And end your content marketing struggles for good?

I can help you with this.

If you have answered YES to the above question, then I have got you covered. All this week I am running a 5 day Social Media Content Visibility Challenge in my Sisterhood Accountability Club. (also available post this week in our Sisterhood)

So come and join us.

When I last ran this challenge it was so successful that the Sisterhood ladies were able to sell out their programmes and one lady even had her 1st ever £5K week.

So throughout the challenge and beyond in our Private Facebook Group you'll be helped, supported.

Your stress and dilemma of what to post, where to post, how to post to will also be removed.

And you'll ensure you are seen as the go to expert in your clients minds.

Each day of the Challenge, I'll be coming live into our group where you'll receive a detailed prompt on what specific content to post on your social media channels.

The content can be completely tailored for your business, so don't worry.

As well as that, you'll also receive coaching from me, content mapping and scheduling guidance. And of course support and guidance from the other Sisterhood ladies.

You can ask me and the ladies anything about your business growth.

And if that wasn’t all, we'll hold you accountable to your content. Ensuring you get it done. Moreover you can also attend our Sisterhood Accountability Calls and receive additional business coaching.

So don’t miss out. It's a win, win indeed. Content creation is simple really, when you know how.

Just sign up here to https://www.nafisamark.com/sisterhoodaccountabilityclub

to access the Sisterhood Accountability Club and let’s help you deliver value and sell your products and programmes.

Here is a little info on me, if you don't know me already.

I’m Nafisa Mark, founder of the Sisterhood Accountability Club and former Corporate Marketing Contractor. Whilst I loved my job serving leading international corporate clients, the lack of job security and working away from my family so much, made me miserable.

I took the leap of faith and started a luxury ’party band’ business with my Musician husband. Together, we grew the business to 6 figures in our first year, giving us both the freedom and flexibility we desired to raise our two little girls in.

I believe that if I can monetise my passion, then so can another ambitious woman.

Through my Transformative Sisterhood Accountability Club, I now dedicate my time in coaching a network of global businesswomen to elevate their online businesses to £5K + months.

Allowing women to launch and sell their programmes within days of joining the sisterhood, with tried and tested marketing strategies, unshakeable confidence as well as the intimate support of phenomenal, high-vibe women. They are checking items off their dream lists and have more time with their families.

Find out more here: www.nafisamark.com/sisterhoodaccountabilityclub

I am available for interviews, speaking events and media enquiries. Email: nafisamark1@outlook.com


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