5 ways an Accountability Group can help You Make Money

One of the best ways an overwhelmed Solopreneur can actually hit her monthly money goals, is by joining an accountability group.

If you don’t know what an Accountability Group is:

It's a supportive platform made up of like minded women are motivated, ambitious, loving women, just like you who will support you and and each other in hitting their business goals.

You come forward to the group with your big scary goal and the other Soloprenuers or small business owners provide a listening ear on any challenges you’re having. And give you the confidence and accountability to hit that goal.

And why should that make me join?

Because by being accountable to someone else other than yourself is a reality check that tells you that your business is actually a legit business and not a hobby that you can keep putting off.

Moreover it’s harder harder to lie to someone else than it is to yourself.

I’m sure this sounds familiar, right?

  • You love your business and want others to love it too but don't know how to attract your ideal customers. So you keep passing your goals, week by week, month by month?

  • You're in overwhelm because there’s so much information to take in

  • You just want a little support and guidance to hit your money goals

  • You would love connection and support from other like minded women

  • You would love a coach but can't commit to dropping a few thousand on them

  • You want to see results in your business so you can quit your mind sucking 9-5 job, so you can be at home more with your kids


I was in overwhelm hell when I was started out in my coaching business. I thought it was going to be easy but navigating the online space was incredibly difficult because it was so different to my offline corporate marketing career. There were days and nights of learning, mastering confusing trainings for all the online tools, webinars, funnels, email platforms, how to sell online and I was pulling my hair out because they weren't working. My kids were also tiny at the time and I was literally trying to grow my business whilst breastfeeding at my desk! I longed for more clients, more money and visibility just like all the successful women I was following online. I felt they were better than me because I wasn’t making money or attracting clients in the early days of my business. I wanted more than any thing to learn from these ladies but couldn’t commit to the thousands of pounds and dollars for their coaching. I was going through training after training, downloading every webinar they were offering. And they all just piled up in my inbox because I was completely overwhelmed. I just didn’t know how to apply all their trainings to get the results for me. Argh it was so frustrating. I gave up so many times.

It wasn't until I joined a local accountability group is when I really started to see conversions in my business. I got support from like minded women and leader who helped me break down my bigger goal into manageable actions. I could also lean on them for support and mirror their fearless business moves, is when I started seeing results.

I went from webinar consumption hell to bookings lots of discovery calls for my marketing strategy sessions and VIP days.

I knew I had to report back to my accountability friends weekly so I worked harder but this time I was more results focused. I wasn't just flapping and wasting time making tweaks to my website all day.

I stopped stressing out about how everyone else was better than me online, but instead focused on me and started asking for the sale, over and over and that's when I reached my own 5k, 10K + months. I am super proud of my efforts and can confidently say that I don't struggle to sell anymore because my wealth thermostat is set to HOT!! At the time of writing this I've also secured a large sponsorship deal for my Podcast. Ohh and my clients are now making their own £5K months effortlessly.

I'm obsessed with helping women to create a life and biz they love and that’s why I’ve created my very own Sisterhood Accountability Club.

So here’s how the accountability groups/clubs can actually help you make money:

1. Making your goal a reality: By actually declaring your goal outside of your head gives it a purpose and momentum to actually make it happen. Not only will you more likely to go after that goal stronger, but your buddies in the group will keep you accountable to it weekly. Knowing that you’ve got to show up to your weekly accountability meetings will make you work harder, leaving any excuses behind.

2. Skin in the Game:

A fantastic accountability group leader will help you put an emotional anchor to your goal. Your reason for your goal has to be super strong in order for you to still want it through any challenging times ahead. It could relate to giving your kids an epic holiday to Disneyland this year, saving for a car, moving home etc. Likewise an accountability group to work is based on how results focused it’s members are: So if you are determined, to show up in the group, take advice, learning, take action and support others then you’re likelihood of achieving your goal is 100% greater than working in isolation.

3. Breaking the goal down:

Time and time again I see women online craving for the 10K months, that 6 figure income. They obsess about this number and continually don’t hit this number due to two things: Strategy and taking the right action: Knowing the actual amount of people you need to speak to or the number of packages you need to sell will help you gain clarity on how you can make that overall bigger goal come to life. The accountability group will always support you in chunking down your bigger goal and then you can present your actions and incremental steps to make the money.

4. Standing out as a Leader:

By taking a bold move by joining an accountability group and investing in yourself, you not only make things happen in your business but at the same time you’re offering advice to your fellow group members. By doing this you’re showcasing characteristics of your own leadership skills. This always rubs off on your own business and you show up more confident in how you to talk on Videos, Facebook lives, on Discovery Calls when asking for a sale.

5. Turning the dial up on your Wealth Thermostat As the saying goes you’re only as good as the 5 people you hang out with. So knowing that you’re hanging out in group that’s dedicated to helping you and other Solopreneurs make money is what you’re most probably likely to do, right? As I said above in my story, I was making zero monies in isolation, and as soon as I joined an accountability group, I went from struggle to taking strategic action knowing that my accountability ladies had my back. I also didn’t want to be the only one reporting back to the group with zero sales!!

So stop being a recluse in your business and join an Accountability group to make some genuine lifelong business friendships and crush some goals at the same time.

You'll not only uncover any limiting beliefs you have that maybe halting your productivity. But you'll be more likely to implement that programme, course idea that's always been in your head and actually make sales.


THEN BECOME A FOUNDING MEMBER OF THE SISTERHOOD. Check out all the details here as well as your founding member bonuses of: A guest interview spot on my Podcast and a free tailored strategy session with me.

The results that you can expect to get in the club:


  • You're going to grow your business fearlessly knowing the sisterhood has your back

  • You're going to unleash the best version of you to your ideal clients

  • You're going to unlock your expertise in the online business space and and finally implement a marketing visibility plan that works for you and your business

  • Put automation strategies and tools in place so you can free up your time to be play with your kids more You'll make that sales funnel work so it sells for you easily and gets ideal customers on the call with you You're going to master your confidence so you can go live on FB & Instagram and ask for the sale without getting nervous You're going uncover any limiting beliefs you have that maybe halting your sales Create programmes, courses and masterminds that sell with minimum effort because you're ideal clients are hungry for them

Become a founding member OF the sisterhood business accountability club




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