How to quit your 9-5


i was stuck in corporate hell.

Was Getting up in the morning and having to commute to a job that I hated. it sucked the life out of me, my creativity. IT ZAPPED MY ENERGY AND IT MADE ME MISERABLE TO BE AROUND and impacted negatively on MY family life.

I know you're scared, I know you're comfortable with your regular paycheque but before you know it, you'll be so far down life's path that you'll start to regret not taking action, not making baby steps in your business. Instead you'll still be wishing, hoping and praying for a miracle to make you happy. I know I looked forward eagerly to weekends, holidays because I knew I could get some proper downtime to create content for my business, to actually action my visbility plans and make connections with my audience and prospective clients. It was a hustle game but I was committed.

I dreamt daily of my own Marketing consultancy targeted especially for women to empower themselves to do what they love.

I dreamt what it would be like to finally hand in my notice to my boss, how satisfying it would be. I was super excited every time I thought of the scenario as I wanted control over my own life, my own path in life. I wanted to show people that I was more than what my employer wanted for me. I was my own creative person and could make money for me on my own terms.

Please don't put off your entrepreneurship dreams. If you have a vision and passion for more.

If you know that your product or service can actually benefit people for the better and you want to shout out about it, then do.

It's never been an easier or better time to do so. Digital accessibility means that your post/content/products can be seen by your target audience in seconds, you can actually get in front of your audience speak to them via social media without having to book events or meetings.

I have helped 100's of women to put in place the steps to leave their 9-5 jobs. They are maximising their business visibility using online marketing and my clients are not only growing their communities but creating digital products, selling their courses, e-books effortlessly. They are booking speaking gigs on the back of the content they share which makes such an impactful connection with people.

Above all, they are leaving their 9-5 jobs, taking vacations, spending more time with their kids.

So I urge you to not wait for the perfect time, start writing your dreams and goals for your business and start living that way now.

Do what you'd be doing now if you knew this was the perfect time to launch your business.

Ask yourself, what would you be doing then? Would you be writing posts, would you be sending invoices, would you be doing Facebook/Instagram Lives, would you be selling your coaching packages/products?

Make a list and start doing this now fearlessly. You don't need money to start, you don't need investment. My smart phone makes me money everyday. I love hearing paypal pings/notifications on my phone and that's what I want for you.

Here's how you can start living on your terms today:

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After our 1:1 strategy call you will have:

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Go on. Give yourself the gift of owning and actioning your dreams. You know you can I will guide and show you how - through effortless marketing.

Love Nafisa x

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