How to create an Instagram Pod

Hi Beautiful

If you're anything like the other 500 million daily Instagram users and especially if you have a business to promote. I am pretty sure that you are in Instagram daily - posting, engaging and having fun with Instagram stories.

I'm personally having so much fun on the platform - connecting with my niche client base and it's doing wonders for growing my following and in turn getting people over to my website.

It's definitely an effective social media channel which is also crucial for business visibility, especially if you're a personal brand.

So if you love Instagram like me, I am sure you have heard of Instagram Pods. They have helped so much with my post engagement, to grow my channel and they are perfectly aligned with supporting other business women in my community.

If you like the sound of this, then read on. Here's how it works.

Instagram pods are made up of a select few members who become your social media support network. All the members work together to like, comment and share each others posts as soon they go live. By doing this, you're posts and theirs are working with the Instagram algorithm which tells it that these posts are generating engagement therefore more likely to get shown to more people.


  1. Choose your select tribe (small and relevant) and add them to a group message on Instagram

  2. Have them turn post notifications for everyones accounts

  3. Ask this tribe to post in the group message whenever they create a post or story to alert the other members to go view, like and comment. When making comments use at least a short sentence - algorithm prefers this rather than short words such as 'like, love and yes'.

  4. When commenting you can also tag in other friends who might like the post as well.

  5. You can create a dedicated group on Facebook too with the tribe members, so they can post to this platform too

  6. You can also create a what's app group to alert everyone that they have created and shared posts.

I'm all about encouragement, engagement and supporting women in business to build their own communities and pods are an effective marketing tool and strategy to do this.

I have a secret pod for Facebook and Instagram. Wanna be bff's who support each other in business too?

DM me or comment below if you want join my pod and I'll come back to you with details?

Do you run a pod, or are you in a pod? Are they working for you? Comment below?


Nafisa x

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