How to get press for your small business

How to get press for your small business

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Hope you’re having an awesome week in your life & biz.

This week I want to talk about PR AND help you raise your VISIBILITY in business.

Like you, I’m also a small business owner. Whilst I maybe a little a head of you in your business journey, this doesn't mean that I don't have the same issues such as tight budgets and resourcing. So this means that I’m not only the CEO of my biz but I can also be the accountant, the marketing person, virtual assistant working all hours delivering value and service to my clients.

I totally understand that Visibility around my service is crucial and first and foremost in order to get traction in your service. So that's why I always prioritise PR above anything else. A business friend of mine once told me that Visibility is profitability! These were powerful words which really resonated with me. Words which are completely true. If people don’t know you, can’t see you, then how can they buy from you or share your knowledge.

Over the years I am so proud to say that I have managed to gain lots of media exposure for my business. It didn’t come easy but dedicating time and effort through focused PR, I got results.

So today I’m going to share my top PR tips that have worked wonders for my business and the business I manage with my husband– top luxury UK Party band – REEL DEAL BAND –

I have formed relationships with key journalists in my industry and this has produced great results and conversions for me. Results such as having my business & myself featured in industry blogs, top magazines and even in national newspapers.

A consistent and dedicated PR approach has allowed my business to be visible with my suppliers, clients, prospective customers and key media in my industry. Above all – it attract lots of new business.

Below are some of the magazines we've been featured in, not to mention all the radio and blog/podcast interviews we gain as well.

How to get featured in Brides Magazine

So how did I gain the PR visibility & How can you get it for your business as well?

Here are My top PR Tips for your small business. Side note - I'm not a PR Specialist, I'm a Marketer. I use the same visibility approach for getting PR as I do marketing opportunities.

My focus has always been and is about leading with solid, valuable relatable content which above anything, journalists and media love and need for their publications.

  1. Your Media list Make a list of all the key publications/blog sites and national newspapers you want to be featured in and those which are best for attracting your ideal customer target. Contact them and start to build a database of the correct key PR contacts at each media outlet. Call them and try to talk the relevant person related to the subject matter most associated with your business. Ask them how they like to be contacted and at what time of the day. Don’t be scared to approach them. Most of the time, it’s not the Editor but the Editorial Assistant or the online team and the Features Writers you have to talk too.

  2. Messaging In your weekly blogs, really hone your messaging – what is it about you and your business which is going to get everyone to sit up and take notice? Make it personal to the media you are targeting as this will get you noticed. At Reel Deal, we are the leaders in live music and this message is reinforced by the ‘expertise blog posts’ that we send out to our target media and market weekly. I ensure that our very experienced Musical Director is front and centre in these posts and that we always talk about a valuable topic that is going to be helpful for the readers of the media we target. For example. We target Wedding magazines as they are read by brides and grooms who are ultimately looking for a great party band to book for their weddings – So this is where we come in and so our blogs and news releases are focused around key topics such as i.e 1.When should I book my band. 2. Will my band play the music I want to hear at my wedding 3. Top 10 Wedding first dance songs etc. Click here to view our blogs.

  3. Your Media Schedule
 Put together a schedule – a weekly blog/newsletter/News Release that you distribute to these contacts and stick to it religiously. Your key contacts will get used to receiving your regular emails and when they are ready to feature a story related to your service, it’s more than likely they are going to contact you. Don’t be offended if you don’t get a response from your media contacts, as editors receive hundreds of emails/ideas every day and they don’t reply to everyone.

  4. Social Share
 The key to getting coverage is VISIBILITY, VISIBILITY – I can’t stress this enough. Once you have sent out your expertise blogs, share them on all of your social media platforms and other relevant blog posts. The more people and contacts you can get to share your news stories the better, as you just don’t know?? A journalist might be needing your services for an interview, comment or quote.

  5. Video Blogs One of the key visibility tools that was a game changer for my business was Video Blogs. When we started doing video blogs as part of our weekly expertise messaging. Our clients, market, journalists started seeing our Musical Director live in their in box every week and this boosted our ‘Know, Like and Trust’ factor. If you haven’t tried video blogs or even the live streaming functions on the social media platforms, I urge you to give it a go. It will be brilliant for you and your business. I am the first person to shy away from video but trust me, when you get over the initial shock factor of how you look and sound on video, then you somehow gain the confidence to do more… Kinda addictive.

Doing your own PR can be hard work and is VERY time consuming but so rewarding when you receive that call from a journalist or client, knowing that they saw & liked your press release or latest blog post. More over, be comforted by the fact that you will have saved yourself in £1000’s in PR Agency retainer fees.

Please share your PR frustrations and wins with me in the comments below and on in my Marketing Pod Community Facebook Group.

Have you got some media coverage?

What was your experience like in approaching journalists?

And please do book your free marketing visibility chat with me here

I’d love to know and help you out further. Nafisa xoxo

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