Top ways to market your business online

Hi Beautiful,

The opportunities for marketing your business are endless online. With so many results focused social platforms and website to share your content. With that said, the process of launching your business visibility can be overwhelming. So much so that many people create an awesome website but never actually share it with anyone, let alone drive traffic to it.

So I've saved you the challenge and overwhelm of exploring the online cluttered world of digital marketing and recommended a few platforms that you should definitely aim to be on and get noticed on asap.

1. Create a blog on your site and post valuable content targeted to the pain points of your customer.

Not only will your blog help you drive traffic and get you ranked in the search engine optimisation algorithms of google but you'll also be building authority in your industry. but it also leads to creating authority. If you can become an authority in your industry resulting in visibility and sales over time.

2. Be on the social media platforms

If being on all the main social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin give you a headache and make you pull the covers over your head then I recommend staying with the one platform that you like and being super consistent on it.

Ensure you not only post but engage with your followers regularly on your business page and/or in your group. Even try doing a live video and sharing some adverts. Also use targeted hashtags for your pictures on Instagram, which will drive niche followers to your page.

Utilising all the platforms services will bring kudos and you'll play the platform algorithm in your favour, ensuring your posts get shown to your followers.

3. Develop a relationship with your customers through email marketing.

Get yourself a free or paid email marketing account such as Mailchimp, Get Response and start building your contact database.

Consistency in writing to your email community builds trust.

4. Search and network with bloggers and podcast owners.

Reaching out to to bloggers/podcasters with a large following in your niche is a very effective way to market your business online, especially if you have something of value to add to one of their posts and audience.

Reach out to them with your post or interview ideas and put forth 100% value. Once you have secured your spot/article you'll be viewed as the expert in your industry and in return get you fresh eyes on your business.

5. Lastly I want to advise you to not stretch yourself thin and don't feel you've got to be on each and every platform. Choose a few select ones that your niche audience hang out on. This could be a Facebook group or on Instagram stories and keep your focus on these areas for at least a few weeks and measure the results. By this I mean, measure the engagement, feedback you're receiving on these platforms. Are you driving traffic to your call to actions, are you getting people to book calls with you, are you selling your products and then review - stay or move on.

So tell me in the comments below, which of the above have you actioned in your business?

How are you getting on with them? tell me below. I'd love to get to know if the above is working for you.

And if you haven't put the above into action, do try them out. They're free and they're easy peezy. Please also share with your friends.

If you need a hand then don't hesitate to message me on Instagram nafisa_mark

Love and hugs

Nafisa x

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