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5 Ways to make Passive Income

Creating a passive income stream in your business is essential when seeking a freedom based life and business..


I have 5 quick and easy ways you can go from making no money to selling daily, even whilst you sleep.

I make money daily from the value filled trainings/pdfs/ebooks in my digital shop as well my live webinar trainings. I can easily make £100's daily and even more when I actively promote them. 


These passive money making initiatives aren't going to divert the attention of your ideal clients. But are going to be an extension of the services and ultimate value you already deliver to your customers/prospects. 


This is what I help my clients with. We work together to create irresistble programs, courses and services that can be sold live or as evergreen. So even without your 'fabulous self' being live to launch or promote your offerings. You don't even have to live in person to deliver the trainings/lectures and you can still be making money. 

You can be a product or a service provider to make passive income. 


So are you ready to wake up to more money in you PayPal account/or bank?


Enter email below to access my 5 ways to make passive income today.

And head to the marketing pod community facebook group and let me know which you'll be pursuing with. If you have any questions specific to your business around creating passive income, please feel free to message me here on my site or in our 'Marketing Pod Community' and I'll come back to you asap. 


Nafisa x 

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