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For Content Creators, Business/Life/Health Coaches/Network Marketers and Product or Service Based Business Owners

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'Nafisa's knowledge & expertise in business growth is second to none. The 'How to Share your Story' & Camera Confidence Courses have empowered me so much. They've allowed me to think more abundantly and to take massive action in my business'. Bernadett, Travel Business Owner 

Copy of Copy of Copy of Goals Workshop (

These prompts help me and my clients make money daily.


  • So if you're stuck not knowing what to say or post to give value to your community and to make sales?

  • Moreover how to make a better connection with them, right? then I have you covered.


Over the next 30 days you will receive a daily detailed content prompt that will spark your imagination. And which you can use for your blog, newsletter and across social media. 

You can rinse and repeat these prompts across the year if you desire too. 


These daily prompts will guide you in positioning you:

  • As the expert in your industry

  • Your programmes for a sale

  • And you will grow your community

£ FREE for 7 days



  • Love the idea of effortlessly selling your products and services on camera using just your phone or laptop, like all those other coaches and brands you see online, but you're petrified at the thought of doing so?


  • Struggle with not knowing how to talk on video or position your courses/programmes for a sale?

  • Or perhaps you think you’d look like a fool or you’ll only get judged so you don’t even dare film yourself?

If that’s you, I can totally help with all this, and I can completely relate.



Welcome to the Camera Confidence Course. 


I’ve gone from almost throwing up at the thought of talking on camera out of fear of judgement and imposter syndrome to effortlessly selling out my 1:1 coaching packages and my Sisterhood Accountability Club Membership, even on live video. 

And I'm about to share all my video strategy and action tips with you in this easy to implement self-paced course. 

Also, this is why it's a must to incorporate video marketing in your business

  • 82% of global internet traffic comes from video 

  • 85% of US internet users are watching video content across their devices and across social media, so if you're not creating videos you're potentially missing out on huge sales

  • Video Marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year. More than posts on social media alone. 

  • The average consumer spends 88% more time on a website which has videos

So if video marketing is the future, then the future is here.

So with that in mind, let's get your video marketing started.

Here's what we're covering in the course. 

Module 1 

  • We cover the mindset behind what’s keeping you from going on camera and sharing your passion.

  • We get to the underlying fear of why you don’t like filming yourself, why this fear is holding you back and simple exercises to overcome them.

  • Why your audience wants to see you on video and actually wants you to solve their problems.

  • You’ll also get access to my quick and effective 2 min fear busting abundant meditation

  • I’ll also be sharing insider secrets on how you can train your brain to cultivate confidence before you hit record on your phone/camera. 


When I first started making videos to sell my coaching packages I was so scared, my heart would be palpitating so fast and my neck would come out in this horrid red stress rash. 

I would also do take after take so fast and stumble on my words. 

It felt so uncomfortable and I used to sit and wonder how all these other coaches online were effortlessly talking to the camera and why I couldn’t master it myself. 


So with much practice and training and learning the fundamental video strategies to sell my packages, I got better.


I also knew that as a Soloprenuer I am the face of my brand and people need to see, get to know me and like me before they buy from me.

Module 2

I’ll take you through a step by step video on how to do Facebook Lives, Instagram Lives, record videos on your phone as well as apps you can use to edit. Even how to share your videos to your YouTube channel. 

Moreover, I’ll cover


  • An array of video marketing content you can produce as well as a ton of video creation tips. 

  • How you can overcome your fear of friends, family, or work colleagues seeing your videos

  • How to keep your energy high and be more authoritative on video


This module is jam-packed with video marketing content and pieces of training that you can easily implement in your business asap.

I’m also giving you a direct shopping link to all the tech equipment I use for recording videos covering the lighting, to the mic and more. (not necessary though) but it can elevate your confidence game for making videos. 


Module 3

I'll be guiding you through a powerful 5-day social media content visibility challenge that will not only take you out of your own comfort zone but actually assist you in implementing a rinse and repeat video content strategy for your business.

It's a content-packed challenge that is normally only reserved for my 1:1 clients.


The challenge alone has allowed my clients to create multiple sales from their videos. 

In this challenge I will teach you exactly what to say, so you can stop worrying about nerves on camera. Ensuring you position yourself as an expert in your niche. 

You can also share your videos (if you wish) in our private Facebook Group and get guidance from other likeminded women. 

So you've come to the right place. 

Let's get you camera confident. I can't wait to see your videos. And get ready to see those sales coming in. 


What happens after you purchase any of the courses

  • You will be sent access details to your course or courses 

  • You start the course start whenever you’re ready or on the course start date

  • You’ll have free access to my closed Facebook group where you can network with other freelancers and business owners, and get tips and advice and ask me anything

  • There’s the additional option of feedback if you would like extra guidance from me

  • These courses are for lifetime access. You can self pace them

  • Take your time absorbing all material, watching the videos and & implementing your actions

  • All sales are final


Zaida, Intuitive Coach

'Goal Setting is so much fun, clear and straightforward with Nafisa showing you the way. Nafisa has been instrumental in helping me set big goals and keeping me accountable on my journey. I always wanted to be a speaker. With Nafisa's goals setting help & Camera Confidence course, I not only invested in a speaking coach but also fearlessly spoke on video and attracted my 1st speaking gig. I'm so thankful. It’s been the best gift to myself'

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Bernadett, Travelpreneur

'Nafisa's knowledge & expertise in business growth is second to none. The 'How to Share your Story' & Camera Confidence Courses have empowered me so much. They've allowed me to think more abundantly and to take massive action in my business'. Bernadett, Travel Business Owner 


Lubna, Event Planner

'Nail your Niche course allowed me to pinpoint my ideal client easily. I used to stress over this so much and my marketing was never clear. I'm so much more confident in speaking to my niche now. So much so that I had a $5K day with Nafisa's guidance'


Lisa, Reiki Master

'I'm buzzing with ideas. Such clear advice for moving forward. I've not stopped writing notes and planning all day.

Nafisa has helped me work out who my ideal client really is as well copy strategy ideas, how to set out a scheduled of posts, weekly monthly and yearly, where to focus my attention on my main product instead of a little of all products. She even helped me work out how many sales I need to achieve XYZ.

Can you tell I'm buzzing with excitement?

if you need a little help or a lot Don't hesitate in booking these courses and work with Nafisa direct. I've Done lots of marketing work over the last few years, but  Nafisa made clear a lot of fuzzy corners.
Great support, thank you so much. Nafisa x'


Karen, Colours of the Goddess

'The How to share your story in business course has allowed me to put myself forward as an expertise in my industry, create and sell out my 1st digital product. Moreover speak on platforms that I'd never thought I could be on. So grateful to Nafisa'



Saira, Optician

'booked $20K worth of extra business for my Optical Agency via Nafisa's Niche Client Attraction Strategy

Nafisa Mark 


I’m Nafisa Mark, founder of the Sisterhood Accountability Club and former Corporate Marketing Contractor.  Whilst I loved my job serving leading international corporate clients such as Reuters and Prudential, the lack of job security and working away from my family so much, made me miserable. 


I took the leap of faith and started a luxury ’party band’ business with my Musician husband. Together, we grew the business to 6 figures in our first year, giving us both the freedom and flexibility we desired to raise our two little girls in. 


I believe that if I can monetise my passion, then so can another ambitious woman. 

Through my Transformative Sisterhood Accountability Club, I now dedicate my time in coaching a network of global businesswomen to elevate their online businesses to £5K + months. 

Allowing women to launch and sell their programmes within days of joining the sisterhood, with tried and tested marketing strategies, unshakeable confidence as well as the intimate support of phenomenal, high-vibe women. 

They are checking items off their dream lists and have more time with their families. 


Find out more here:

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