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Business Accountability Group

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Marketing Podcast Listeners

For Boss Babes, Solopreneurs, whether they are side hustling holding down a corporate job or they've launched. And are seeking Marketing Visibility to boost sales for their biz. 
Coaching these ambitious women to smash their online visibility with a strong mindset and achieve £5K+ months.  Guiding them to deploy a range of tailored marketing tools and strategy. 
Product or service based businesses
My clients & listeners range from Business Coaches, Spiritualists, Etsy product owners, Energy Healers, Jewellery Designers, Stylists, Instagram Coaches, Brand Strategists, Event Managers, Wedding Planners and more. 


Fairly new Podcast:
On  Episode #14 so far
1000 + Plays and growing
Podcasts are recorded in London, UK.
Podcast guests recordings are made via Skype.

Episode Schedule

New Episode goes live every Tuesday on all leading Podcast Platforms.

Be A Guest

If you're an expert or specialist in Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, You Tube, Twitter,  Business Mindset, Business Energy Healing, Feng Shui for Business, Branding, Journalism, Public Relations, then, I would love to hear from you. Doesn't matter where you are in the world. 
Book your call with me here. We'll jump on Skype and we'll see if we're the right fit. 
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