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Get clients, make more money, live the life you want! 

Unlock your Marketing Genius 

You know it's time to kickstart your 2019 Marketing. 

It's time to position yourself as the expert you are

It's time to 

Hey Beautiful,

  • Do you feel exhausted with all the promoting and marketing you need to do in your business, especially managing all the social media channels?
  • Do you wish you could just get engagement on your posts and followers with every new post you create?
  • Do you wish there was a consistent, easier way to grow your following on Instagram and Facebook?
  • Do you wish you could write social media posts that sell your services/products easily. 
  • Do you feel bad asking for the sale, or think you're being spammy when it comes to selling in your business?
  • Do you believe it's hard work finding your ideal clients that will love you and your passion for what you want to bring out into the world?
  • Do you wish doing Facebook lives and Instagram videos were easier and not scary.


Marketing your business should be easy, effortless, should only take you a few hours a day to get the results you want. It should work around your life. I'm here to show you how..... Keep reading beautiful lady....

  • So I want to Welcome you to this fast track guided 'marketing toolbox' training course. It will help you create, launch and sell your course/product/programme to your ideal clients and call in your sales. Moreover create a positive, confident transformation in you personally. 

  • It's time to leave the overwhelm and time consuming frustration of gathering marketing knowledge and 'how to' searches on google and concentrate on the 4 fundamental areas that I have identified, tried and tested. These key areas of focus for your marketing and sales activity that are going to drive your business forward. These are the same teaching which I teach my 1:1 clients. I guide you through the 30 days in simple steps, video training, downloadable documents and prompts. It's the same tools, I've used to deploy and grow my own business, attract clients all over the world that pay me and my clients 5 figures monthly. 

  • No need to invest thousands on marketing strategy or on private coaches. It's your time to lead the life and business you want for you and your family. You've got this and I've got you covered on your marketing with this Toolbox.

  • This Toolbox is transforming. Imagine your new life after going through this 30 day marketing tool box full of the exact visibility goodness that got my business to 6 figures and helps make my clients 5 figure months.

Just imagine...

  • Your products/course/coaching programmes being snapped up by your ideal clients?

  • Writing your social media posts effortlessly and quickly and those that will grow your following and help sell your coaching packages, courses, products, ebooks and more. 

  • Creating Facebook/Instagram adverts quickly and easily and those that are going to position you as the expert in your industry?

  • Confidently doing Facebook/Instagram lives without waiting to wear the perfect outfit or putting make up on and confidently speaking to your audience, giving value, speaking from the soul with passion whilst growing mailing list, social media following at the same time?

  • Having a marketing resource tool box full of professional, easy to digest marketing training that you can come back to over and over again to help you monetise your products and consistently grow your busineess on Instagram, Facebook, your blog site and more. 


The Marketing Toolbox is ideal for you,

  • Especially if the overwhelm in marketing your business on your different marketing channels is driving you to stress and frustration as you're not seeing the results you want.

  • Your content, copy in your posts and blogs is falling on dead ears because you're not making the connection with your ideal client. 

  • You're on your computer daily, downloading every freebie training just in case it will help you to learn how to set up your website, increase your followers. You're trying to apply it in your business but it's sucking the life out of you and wish there was an easier way. 

  • You don't have the funds to invest in 1:1 coaching but still want to learn the fundamental strategies and access the tools that are going to get you ahead. 

  • You're working late into the night after your corporate job learning, tweaking your website for the 100th time and fearful of launching because you don't know how to position your services/products for the sale.

  • You're kids/partner see you on the laptop way too much and you wish you could quickly and easily apply a few marketing actions that will give you the biggest returns, so you can focus on the kids and have some 'me' time without worrying and stressing over your business and thought always at the back of your mind 'when will I launch, when will I get sales'?















Why the Marketing Toolbox is important to me
  • I totally understand the frustrations of getting your business in front of people, it's slow, full of frustration because there is so much tech overwhelm and learning that's involved in the online space, that it took me almost a year before I started to see consistent sales. I was too busy worrying about how my website looked and ignored the sales and marketing.  I was scared of investing, scared of getting help because I thought i needed to make money before hand. All I saw online was expensive courses, coaches with huge group programmes - none that offered me straight forward tools that I could apply in my business and ones that would help with my marketing. 

  • also continued to play'comparisitis' with other coaches online, not believing I was good enough to sell my services, feeling unworthy, not trusting myself, felt the need to download every freebie. The freebies from other coaches such as ebooks, pdfs, checklists piled up in my in box and so did my frustration and my weight. As I sat on my bum too long on the laptop day in day out without a clear strategy and visibility plans. 

  • I was craving, wanting clear, digestible training that could help me launch my services in the online space. So after a lot of tried and testing of various implementation tools and marketing that actually worked to grow my business, I have packaged it all up for you so you can see the results you want in your business quicker.  

  • I now run my business and control my day through marketing strategy that works for me.  I book clients for my marketing strategy sessions with ease, I sell products in my digital shop daily and I also sell my 5 figure VIP Marketing days. As well as managing and applying the same marketing strategy to my other business - UK's No1 Luxury Party Band, where clients book us for their luxury private events all over the world in castles, famous venues and beach destinations/resorts.


Event Planner & Fundraiser

'Nafisa's marketing trainings have been  integral to my business growth. I made my first 5K in sales. The niche training in particular was gold'

Energy Healer 

'Doing Facebook Lives & videos was was super scary but after my strategy session and training breakdown with Nafisa I finally felt ready to step out and film my videos for my digital course'

Lisa Salisbury

Online Jewellery Store 


The Instagram sales funnel I set up with Nafisa's training is driving further sales to our full jewellery line. A 30% uptake already in the first week'

Colour Therapy

Karen Humphries

'Nafisa's energy and passion as well as her focused trainings helped me create & sell my first digital product and I excelled my sales goals on my first launch'




This training is going to set you up for passive income daily - OMG You're gonna love the sound of those Paypal notifications on your phone. 

2. ​ ONLY OFFERED FOR FIRST ROUND OF THIS COURSE - LIVE weekly Q&A me with me & 30 days support will be offered to the first round of members of the course, so sign up asap now for this killer bonus. (vale £1000)

3. SOCIAL MEDIA EDITORIAL CALENDAR (Value £300) + training on how to plot out your marketing visibility for sales.


Elisheva Ray

Ray of Light

'My confidence and visibility has excelled and I'm converting more clients in a business that I love'

  • You don't have to wait for the right time
  • You don't have to work out how to do it all by yourself
  • You don't need to download and pile up the freebie trainings because you think that's what going to help you
  • You don't need to have a certification to sell your passion
  • You don't need to get anyones permission to share your story. 
With the Tool Box training I show you how to be you, the perfect, authentic you that makes a different to other women by sharing your soul work using easy to deploy marketing strategies. 
Inspirational, positive energy is my souls work. I've done all the hard work and learning on how to create a business online that and I've and I must share with every motivated women who wants more for her life

'Nafisa helped me to nail my ideal client niche which gave me clarity on how to package my services which will be no brainers for my clients' I'm so excited to sell'

Kirsty Calo

Here's how the training breaks down

WK 1


TRANSFORMATION: Clarity on your niche client, identify what they want to learn and buy from you.

And go from no sales to sold out.

+ Bonus

  • Live 30 minute Q&A with me at the end of the week to check on your results - to run through any queries about the specific training (on zoom/skype)

OMG, We start strong and the fundamental item in your marketing strategy is to identify your niche client. 

So it' time to stop the struggle and get clear on who you are targeting in your business?​ So many new business owners trip up on this. They feel the need to go wide on their content targeting and are afraid of speaking directly to their niche as they feel they don't want to miss out on any sales opportunity. 

I can say with 100% clarity. that when you niche is when you get the sales in your business. This training is going to give you clarity on who your customer is, why they should buy your offers, what your niche wants and desires from you (to solve their problems). So like my clients, you can also easily craft your services, products, content for your sales pages, speeches, courses and much more to your ideal clients. 

The homework included is going to give you the confidence to speak to your focused customer.  Produce a content strategy and write sales emails/posts that connect with your niche and not to anyone that will listen.

WK 2



TRANSFORMATION: Live stream with confidence to create brand

authority to sell

+ Bonus 

  • Live 30 minute Q&A with me at the end of the week to check on your results - to run through any queries about the specific training (on zoom/skype)

This week we focus on creating brand authority using live streams. 

With the training exercises you'll be able to do an effective lifestream without the need for throwing up due to your nerves. (trust me I've been there)

So you can connect with your audience, deliver value and grow your 'Know, Like and Trust factor online - (essential for your audience who want to see you being real, authentic so they can also believe that what you're selling, the area, the result you are living, providing them is possible for them too. 

This Home work and Live training also touches on the mindset you must adopt in business which is super important to your success and the direct positive impact it has on you showing up consistently through your marketing. 

This week you'll be gifted with not only my personal abundant meditation but my journaling prompt questions that I use daily to journal and which help me attract and initiate sales in my business. I walk you through exactly what and and how I journal daily.

WK 3



TRANSFORMATION: Set up with niche focused Facebook & Instagram ads for list growth & sales.

+ Bonus 

  • Live 30 minute Q&A with me at the end of the week to check on your results - to run through any queries about the specific training (on zoom/skype)

Building your reach and community is essential in getting sales. So this week you'll get a super packed training on How to create high-converting Facebook ads to increase your reach, grow your community, and make more sales.

You’ll learn how to use Facebook advertising to invite potential customers to your webinar, courses, sales pages and more. You'll be walked through the content, creative and targeting so you can easily duplicate it for yourself as part of your homework this week. 

WK 4

Selling Tool

TRANSFORMATION: Sell easily with strategic ease. Master discovery calls, learn what to say, answer objections that get you a sale without you sounding spammy or salesy.  

+ Bonus 

  • Live 30 minute Q&A with me at the end of the week to check on your results - to run through any queries about the specific training

Sales are fundamental to your business and you should always feel good about pitching and selling, getting on the phone with your ideal clients and sharing your valuable products and services with them. If you feel guilty or bad about selling this training will be super for you as I run you through the whole process of how to set up your sales, the exact process of selling on phone calls with your ideal clients and what to say on them without it being viewed as spammy or sleazy. 

Selling is fun in business. I sell daily in my business and so do my clients. Remember your community expect you to sell to them.  Your business needs money in exchange for the value you deliver.  You must be monetised for your gifts.  

Let's do this

see you in the training 

Inclusive of:
  • All of the above
  • Weekly Guided Marketing Toolbox Modules for 4 weeks
  • Live Trainings: Video, E-Books, PDF's, Printable's 
  • Journal Prompts
  • 30 days full support inside the Facebook group and everything listed above.
  • Lifetime Access to the trainings & Facebook Group. 
By enrolling you agree to our Standard Terms & Conditions. 
PAY Only - £599 ($769)


I've made it super easy for you with a 2 part payment plan. 

1st payment of £350/$434 taken now on booking 

2nd payment of £350/$434 taken the following week


WhatsApp Image 2018-06-14 at 17.59.44.jpeg

Clare Maguire 


'Nafisa's Marketing Toolbox is a treasure chest of goodies that are helping me position myself as a personal brand. I'm side hustling in my day job right now so the FB Ads training is a god send. Hoping to say bye to the corporate world very soon, with Nafisa's help - a lot sooner'


Sinead Safford 

Director/Business Owner

'Using the Marketing Toolbox training my Call to Actions on my site are driving more sales. A perfect addition to capture digital sales with my brick and mortar business'

Deep down, you know it's time to:​​
  • Focus on talking to the people you want
  • Get the sales you want
  • Show up on the social media channels you love and where your audience hang out
  • Share what makes you so happy and the transformation you create in your community
  • Decide that you're work is of immense value and you are worthy of all the monies and life that you dream off
  • And I'm going to show you how you can achieve all this through a visibility strategy that works 
All my love 
Nafisa xx

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I have to take the course now?, I don't have time to complete it. 

A: Entirely up to you to start. Video trainings are recorded and uploaded each week. You have access to the guided toolbox and access to ask me questions in my Facebook Group.  

Q: I haven't started my business, will it still apply. 

A: Absolutely. You can take the learning and apply and have your business up and running for sale in as little as 30 days. A strong foundation to start from. 

For those of you who are already in business, then this will give you focused implementation tools and guidance to see results which you may not have achieved already.  

Q: Will the price go up

A: YES! it will double. The £297 is special promotional introduction price with live access to me at the end of each training module.  

Q: What can I expect from this course?

A:  Transforming Strategies & tools as well as processes clearly laid out for you. 

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: I have never been asked for a refund  but none the less. I will say that if you can go through until midweek and do the homework and if it's still not right for you, send me an email with your homework attached and I'll give your money back. 

Q: Can you guarantee specific results?

A: The testimonials I have shared on this page are from real live people who have worked with me through my various 1:1 sessions. They completed my trainings, did the work and got their own mega results. Whilst I'd love to say that my trainings guarantee the best and epic  results, I can't legally so here is my disclaimer. 

 DISCLAIMER: I don't guarantee or warrant results or increased income. The testimonials on this page may not be typical for all students.

Q: I  don't think I'm ready.

A: Follow your inner guidance, allow the right decision to come forward and go smash it in your business visibility.

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