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In the last few months, I've personally been interviewed by the BBC, Forbes.com, Country Living Magazine and have appeared on many business podcast shows which resulted in more sales for my coaching programmes and allowed me to increase my brand visibility.
Now I want to help you do the same by revealing all my insider tips and strategy as well as the action I took to achieve additional visibility and get the attention of the media, in my new (self-paced) PR Course which is instantly available to you. 

It's a step by step easy to implement 3 part course on how to land Media placements for your Courses, Programmes, Services, Products & Personal brand. 

For you today for only £249 reduced from £499  Promotional offer

& Saving you multiple thousands in

PR Fees.


Here is what's included

  • Module 1: 

Why is PR important for your brand & What's your PR Story?


We cover the basic fundamentals of PR and how it should work hand in hand with your marketing efforts.

You'll also learn the importance of crafting your brand/PR story to send to journalists and the media. I'll share my personal brand story. As well as a story template you can follow and customise.

  • Module 2


You'll also learn exactly how to pitch yourself to podcasters and media journalists to get their attention.

I will also guide you on finding the right media to pitch your expertise to and where to find them. - My top tips.


  • Module 3

How to become an expert in your field

I'll guide you on how to continue to attract media by becoming an educator for your customers and community and the importance of being known for this via your visibility business platforms



  • Bonus Module (For this month only)

My personal key list of journalist contacts with their email addresses for Magazine and TV.

This bonus module will only be released with all purchases made before the end of this month so get in quick to access this bonus.

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About Nafisa Mark


Hi, I'm Nafisa, I'm a Business Coach and founder of the high vibe productivity-focused 'Sisterhood Accountability Club' and former Corporate Marketing Contractor.

Whilst I loved my corporate job serving leading international corporate clients, the lack of job security and working away from my family so much, made me miserable.
​I took the leap of faith and started a luxury ’party band’ business with my Musician husband. Together, we grew the business to 6 figures in our first year, giving us both the freedom and flexibility we desired to raise our two little girls in.​

I believe that if I can monetise my passion, then so can another ambitious woman.​

Through my Transformative Sisterhood Accountability Club, I now dedicate my time to coaching a network of global businesswomen to elevate their online businesses to £5K + months.

Allowing women to launch and sell their programmes within days of joining the sisterhood, with tried and tested marketing strategies, unshakeable confidence as well as the intimate support of phenomenal, high-vibe women.​

They are checking items off their dream lists and have more time with their families.

You deserve to experience this too.

Nafisa Mark


Course Terms &Conditions
The course is for lifetime access

DISCLAIMER: The How to get Incredible PR course does not guarantee or warrant results or increased income. The testimonials on the sales page may not be typical for all members and clients.
I really have put my heart soul into this training and genuinely showing you what's worked for me and my clients.

My clients pay me in excess of $3,000 + to work with me but I also believe that none of my fellow online businesswomen and men should have sleepless nights over generating their own PR.

But if you are unhappy for any reason, then just show me that you've done the work in each module and contacted journalists. Then email me your work at nafisamark1@outlook.com and within 7 days of course purchase and I'll happy to refund you.

Accountability really is the key to success and if the 7 days means that you can actually be supported energetically and strategically in your business to make incredible success moves, then that really is a super bonus for you.