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50 FUN Questions to ask your niche to boost social engagement.

Do you wish that you had more engagement on your social channels?

Do you wish you could get more likes and comments?

Do you feel that your posts aren't even getting seen by your niche?

Do you wish you could have a list of fun things you had as your ammunition that you could utilise in your content schedule?

Here is a fun way of boosting your engagement and getting more people. followers reacting to your posts.


Get likes, shares and comments and ensure your posts align with the Facebook and Instagram Algorithm to ensure your posts get seen by more of your audience. 

Grab my 50 fun questions that you can use daily to break up your sales posts and sprinkle your social media schedule with, throughout the year. 

It has helped my clients and I to get more eyes on our services, sending more traffic to our profiles and Facebook groups and on getting more people signed to our mailing list on our websites. 


How to write social posts that sell your offer (a template)

Struggling to write posts that connect with your niche?

Don't know how to draft a social media post that isn't going to come across sales?

Do you wish you could easily share your story in your posts whilst making it relevant to your offer?


Here's how..

I'm sharing my secret on how I sell my offers and not just the tiny ones under 100 pounds ones but those in excess of 1K, 2K, 5K plus. My 1:1 sessions, My VIP coaching days. You can too. 


I have created a 1 page template on How to write social media posts that sell. A 1 page template that shows you the 6 key points you need to include in your social media posts and emails that sell your offer. Inclusive of concrete examples. Print it out and paste to your office wall for reference daily. 


How to book and make sales on Discovery calls 

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