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Camera Confidence Course
Module 3 - Let's get visibile - The Challenge

Now it's time to put all our learning into action. 

I'm delighted to share my 5 Day Social Media Content Visibility Challenge which is normally only exclusively reserved for my Sisterhood Accountability Club ladies. 

In this Camera Confidence challenge, you'll learn:


  • How to fearlessly connect with your audience

  • How to share what you do

  • What to share with your audience

  • How to position your expertise and programmes for a sale

  • You will be able to continue to rinse and repeat these daily video prompts in your content marketing 


Day 1


1. Produce a post/video introducing you, your biz and the value you deliver to your niche. Doesn't matter if we already know you or if your own community already knows you.


Day 2

Here are your Actions for today:

1. Produce a post/video taking your audience behind the scenes of your business. Here are some examples:
Take a pic of you working. Explain what you’re doing, what course, the programme you’re working on, perhaps you’re on a client call, perhaps your packing orders for delivery.

The aim of this storytelling post is to set the scene of your expertise. So your audience can visualise what you do on a daily basis and the value you deliver! Make sense?

Remember a picture, video speaks volumes.

If your programme or product is ready for sales, pop in a link in the comments for folks to find out more information. Even if it’s not, invite people to request details.

It’s your job daily, to peek interest in you and your biz.

2. Share your post in our group using the hashtag #day2cameraconfidencechallenge


Day 3


1. Share one or two of your client testimonials as a post/video post on your social media channels.


2. Share a link to a programme/product that the testimonial is associated with.

3. Use the hashtag #day3cameraconfidencechallenge on your post and share in our group. 

Day 4


1. Share a short video sharing your story. This will assist you to make a connection with your ideal client. 

2. You can talk about what made you start in your business, why you decided to help your niche or what you enjoy doing as a person (what you're passionate about)

3. Use the hashtag #day4cameraconfidencechallenge on your post and share in our group. 

Day 5


1. Produce a video outlining your offer for your product, service, programme, course.

2. Share this video post to your social media channels.

3. use the hashtag #cameraconfidencechallenge day 5

At this point in the challenge, you should feel more comfortable with sharing your content on social, being yourself and making a connection with your ideal clients.

You can continue to use this framework weekly or implement a daily content sharing structure that works for your business visibility.

Let me know how you got on this week? Come and tell me in the group. 

Share the highs and lows and tell me how you feel about moving forward with video content sharing for next week? 


That's it. We have come to the end of the course. Please do continue to take action in creating videos for your business. Practice and consistency always pays off. 

Make video mistakes because that is how you will learn. Breathe and have fun. Take the messy action and enjoy the process of learning and mastering video marketing. 


For powerful, daily, weekly accountability to ensure you continue to create video content as well as an array of other business support come and join the Sacred Circle of our Sisterhood Accountability Club. 

Check out all the transformations the ladies have made by being in the club here.

For 1:1 support and coaching, please see details here or message me direct on Facebook.

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