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Nafisa Mark

Business Coach &

Founder of Sisterhood Accountability Club

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I’m Nafisa Mark, Business Coach, founder of the Sisterhood Accountability Club and former Corporate Marketing Contractor.

Whilst I loved my corporate job serving leading international corporate clients, the lack of job security and working away from my family so much, made me miserable. 

I took the leap of faith and started a luxury ’party band’ business with my Musician husband. Together, we grew the business to 6 figures in our first year, giving us both the freedom and flexibility we desired to raise our two little girls in. 

I believe that if I can monetise my passion, then so can another ambitious woman. 

Through my Transformative Sisterhood Accountability Club, I now dedicate my time in coaching a network of global businesswomen to elevate their online businesses to £5K + months. 

Allowing women to launch and sell their programmes within days of joining the sisterhood, with tried and tested marketing strategies, unshakeable confidence as well as the intimate support of phenomenal, high-vibe women. 

They are checking items off their dream lists and have more time with their families. 

You deserve to experience this too. 

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Nafisa Mark

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