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Here's how I can help:

$5K + Months Actions Checklist


$5K months don't just happen by accident. They require a mix of strategy & profit generating actions.   Learn the exact actions my clients and I take to create $5K + months in our businesses, selling our 1:1 programmes, products & courses. I've shared all my secrets in this detailed guide.
And it's yours for FREE. 

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Sisterhood Accountability Club 

Finally get around to DOING instead of just LEARNING – A productivity-focused, like minded result-based support group with masterclass trainings.

For impact-creating, goal-oriented, creative female entrepreneurs who want to crush their weekly actions, make a ton of money.


All this and more for as little as a price of a daily cup of coffee - CRAZY, I KNOW, RIGHT?

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Manuela Garcia 

Thanks to the support from the other Sisters, the encouragement and trainings Nafisa has provided I've already got 2 new clients in my first month of joining the Sisterhood. 

1:1 Coaching 

Save a ton of time & overwhelm by reaching your goals sooner rather than later.

I've invested in excess of over 30K in Coaching and I share all my learnings with my clients. 

Apply for 1:1 Coaching below & join my clients who make consistent $5K months.



'Highly recommend working 1:1 with Nafisa. Her support has been integral in my business growth. I made over £5K in ticket sales for my event. 

Image by Chris Murray

FREE Trainings on my Facebook Page 


Join me on my page on Facebook.  Click the like button above. I'm on my page daily serving likeminded, ambitious  community of business women just like you daily valuable content and trainings. Which then helps them to create, launch and sell. Join us. Like the page above.


Elisheva Ray 

'My confidence & visibility has excelled since being in this community. 

Thank you Nafisa'

Clarity is power when wanting to create visibility & sales in business. It requires vision, strategy, belief as well as the courage to consistently go after your goals as well as share your truth with confidence.  

Making a connection and impact is key with your audience and if you don't have a clear road map to do this, then the process can be extremely overwhelming. ​​

This is the clarity I help my clients achieve. 

My clients range from business/health/fitness coaches, healers and jewellery designers. I guide them to drop their non profit generating activities and  deploy tailored strategy and actions that allow them to  fearlessly make their own $5K + months. 

They are not only making a greater impact in their communities but they are finally checking things off on their dream list as they have the funds to do so. 

As a passionate Business Coach, Podcaster, founder of the transformative Sisterhood Accountability Club and stage momma to 2 little girls. I've gone from from frustratingly making (barely 1K in my to consistent $5K + Months.  And I love nothing more than supporting a fellow ambitious business women to do the same. 

I bring all my skills and experience to my coaching. I have worked 10 years in corporate marketing, invested multiple thousands  in learning.  I've also created a 6 figure luxury party band, alongside my musician husband.

I completely value sisterhood, collaboration, ambition, transparency, learning, support and having lots of fun in business.  


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